Day 38: Porto - Novi Sad

7 October, 2018

One minute read

To Noviii Saaad ❤

We are on the airport! We arrived at noon although we have our flight just at half past six. We are very proud of that how we packed them, we are really skilful, from now we are making services of packing bikes for plain, so if somebody needs it… At Lisbon, at China shop, we bought some cool bag that have spiral zipper so it’s volume can be increased. We put one pair of other bags, helmets, tent and sacks in it. Then we brought it to wrap it with that foil (to be honest - we are expecting to snap. These are Chinese. + it costs 900 dinars) and we especially designed it 😀

Now we are waiting for check in to open so we can give our perfectly-with-foil-and-duct tape-wrapped bikes. And this “suitcase”.

We have also reserved the wan which will (hopefully) gather us on the airport and drive us to Novi Sad.

Porto was the city with which we closed this trip perfectly. Adventure. It was very nice for us. We missed our home.

See you again! (soon)

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