Day 6: Fréjus

5 September, 2018

One minute read

Day spent at the camp, oasis of peace, wooden houses with the smell of pastry, spaghetti and wine.

Kamp full of old people from France who came at theirs Zakynthos and they will use it like no one before. And they are really doing it. They are doing it so well that karaoke and tombola were never more attractive. We have already reserved bungalow on the left side of showers for the summer of 2059. This must be experienced from that perspective once more. Sutra nastavljamo dalje. Cilj imamo, ali ga nećemo objaviti jer zvuči suludo da bi bio napisan ili pročitan.

We will continue tomorrow. We have our goal, but won’t say it because it sounds too crazy to be written or read.

We’ll be in touch.

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