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Day 10: Montpellier - Sérignan

9 September, 2018

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It became our habit to ride 83km per day. Even when we plan to go for 60km we get lost and again it became 83km. And when we plan to go for 130km then we find some shortcuts, or the rain keeps us from it, and then again it comes to 83. So - 83km is our daily distance and that’s excellent.

When it comes to tenth day - I still have a headache from it. 83km of claustrophobia. Surrounded with water we ride through extremely narrow roads without asphalt literally all day long. The road looks like some, one and a half meters wide, mound on the middle of the giant lake.

Our best decision was to jump into the sea one and a half hour before we finish, because the end of the road happened 3 hours later after more mosquitoes, more water and more jungle. However, weather was good, we were rested, nature as always weird and beautiful.

We decided to shorten the last 11 kilometers in the way where we will, instead to go by asphalted road around the big lake, we will push our bicycles through the sandy beach for 1 kilometer. Don’t ask how our bikes looked like after half an hour of pushing through the sand while waves splashed our feet and wheels.

At 19:25 we arrived at the most beautiful camp on our voyage until now, and probably in this galaxy also. Camp was closing at 19:30 so we were lucky even more. We mounted our tent in a minute, professionally this time, had a shower, had our dinner and went to watch animators who were amusing children and parents at the main stage of the camp. At this moment competition in dressing funny clothes, which the animators brought, is happening. Dresses, wigs, pants, high heels… You wouldn’t believe how much parents want to act silly, which they justify with: “just to make their children laugh”. Yeah, right! 😉

Lady who came on vacation with her husband and grandchildren takes off the wig and the thongs which she put on in that game over her jeans. Grandchildren didn’t masked themselves. Party is finishing slowly. According to total number of points team B won. We are all happy and we are going to sleep.

We will stay here tomorrow also.


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