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Day 9: Arles - Montpellier

8 September, 2018

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We are reporting from the camp south from Montpellier, at the coast. We just shared pizza after bathing in the sea. 🙂

Today we crossed a smaller distance than we planned. We crossed about 80km with the plan to reach Set. That will wait for tomorrow.

The whole road is flat, bicycle roads are well marked, it was relatively easy for faster ride. And it’s not true that it’s easier on the flat because it is a bit monotonous: You don’t know if there will be the downhill after the uphill or another hill, there are no uphill but also there is no that beautiful reward - the run down after the effort.

After the kilometers of Vojvodina and the fields we stopped to take some sweet fruits at the local sellers. We decided to take a smaller melon and few figs and asked them to cut our melon because we didn’t have knife. And then the surprised happened: they offered us water, they moved the table and a couple of chairs in the shade for us to sit and few minutes later they served chopped melon and figs in the bowl. We can’t stop to surprise, but in Italy and here we feel welcome. People wants to know where are we from and how long, they wish us a nice trip etc.

After the short break more flat kilometers followed, but this time by the sea. By the way we cuddled horses, watched various floating birds and (maybe) flamingos. We are enjoying in beautiful sundown and can’t wait the rest that follows.

Au revoir!

At the today's camp

At the today's camp

Good night from the camp

Good night from the camp

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