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Day 25: Punta Umbría - Cabanas de Tavira

24 September, 2018

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We started our ride with pause after 4 (with letters: four) kilometers. Pause for coca cola and donuts. Everything what happened later - it had to happen.

Man! Infinitely many little climbs and infinitely many little downhills. All of that makes that 20 kilometers look like 40. But, regarding our previous experience, better that than boring flat field, which doesn’t exist here anyway.

Hey, today is that day! We are getting out of Spain! We are going to ferry at Ayamonte and we are crossing to Portugal. Not to believe what 20 minutes by boat wide river can separate.

For start, Portugal is -1 hour compared to Belgrade. That means we crossed the river and again it was 4 pm, and we gad 20-ish kilometers of riding under the biggest sun which shined so bright that day that even helmet or 3 liters of water, how it turned out, didn’t help us not to dehydrate and to have mild sort of sunstroke which will follow us in the next few days (I know that, because I am writing this from the future). So, on that day there was no shade, and on the asphalt there was a bit less than 60 degrees.

We are riding to place called Cabanas de Tavira. We are staying in the camp there in which supermarket or coffee shop doesn’t work. Portuguese are far from French fancy camps by surface, program and by attitude regarding the cleanliness, but the compensate that by three times lower prices, so we forgive them. We leave our things and we went to the beach. On the road to the beach we discover how much that little town is actually beautiful. Houses with colorful ceramic plates, some kind of show living style and just enough tourists to fill small squares and restaurants. In return we have olives and cheese for dinner and we drink Portuguese green wine.

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