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Day 26: Cabanas de Tavira - Faro

25 September, 2018

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What a day!

We woke up earlier, packed quickly and went towards Fare. We stopped at local pub for coffee and some Portuguese cake with vanilla.

Day before Vladimir called, one of those people you’ve never met, but you have them on social networks and you have feeling like you know them forever. He lives at Fare. And we were like: “Let’s finally meet”, when we didn’t while he lived in Belgrade.

The road was excellent, with few small uphills and long downhills, we were very quick. And, not to hear devil – there was even a wind in our back. It happened.

We made break for another cappuccino on half of our way at place called Olhao at restaurant at market on the shore.

At Fare wonderful Vladimir, Shana and Dina were waiting for us. We left our bikes at the room in their apartment they prepared for us and we went to one of those lunches after which you are not hungry for the next several days, and you want to repeat it so bad: Something like: “all you can eat”, just with fish and seafood. So, in that infinite row of bringing more and more, we have tried various local fish and salads.

The rest of the day we spent on the beach and in the evening we walked around the city and ͹͹͹.

In that way, with help of their infinite hospitality we loved Faro, and Portugal got few more important points on the list of our favorite places on the planet.

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